Private/Solo Client Assistance

  • Assisted multiple Clients with EDD/Unemployment/Furlough & Financial Matters

  • Resolved Medical, Medicare, Supplemental "F", Covered California and other issues for Clients in need.

  • Directed Clients to Business Opportunities (small & large) in developing Industries.
  • Established Clients with multiple Executive & Director Management Recruiters & Business Mentors/Coaches.

Business Development

  • Established private label packaging contracts with renown, billion-dollar International Pharmaceutical companies developing OTC dietary supplements.
  • Negotiated $30 million tax-relief and incentives for construction of major production facility in Iowa.
  • Negotiated the construction of a $50 Million vitamin plant in Beijing, China..
  • Coordinated with Sales & Marketing the development of a new chain of Dietary Supplements products for a major International Client.

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquired a manufacturing facility to produce specialty products, resulting in a 30% supply-chain solution and saving the client over $40 million per year.
  • Performed all due diligence for food manufacturing client in five acquisitions, growing the business' annual sales from $500 million to $3.5 billion.
  • Merged privately held premium popcorn manufacturer with a major food producer, and helped develop an entirely new microwaveable food market for the Product.


  • Defended Client in FTC litigation involved alleged mislabeling/misbranding of dietary supplements.
  • Represented Client in DEA investigation and undercover operations involving theft of controlled substances.
  • Negotiated a Settlement with the FDA over alleged allergens in peanut products.
  • Coordinated a major 25-State Recall of food products allegedly contaminated with pesticides.
  • Represented Client in US Dept. of Justice investigation alleging illegal shipments of products into the USA.


"It is not often you get to work with someone who has big corporate experience like Steve. His insight into how big companies operate is invaluable. He also sees what small companies will need before they get big."
- Roger A., Business Consultant

"Steve has an excelled legal base of knowledge coupled with business skills. This combination allowed our company to operate successfully and effectively work with either small or large companies."
- John A., Vice President

"Steve is an unusual blend of corporate attorney and entrepreneur. He is energetic and has a great vision for emerging new business categories."
- Eric S., Executive Vice President

"I've had the pleasure of hiring Steve on FDA/FTC regulatory matters a number of times. There is no one better. His knowledge of the law is comprehensive and his ability to apply that knowledge to real-life marketing situations is without peer."
- Fred Z., CEO